The Parliament


(1) The parliament of the Murrawarri republic shall have a 54 member parliament with an equal standing of male and female representation.

(2) The parliament will have representatives appointed by their respective ancestral family groups through s fair and just election process within their respective province and family group. The parliament will also consist of representatives elected from the Non-ancestral citizens (four from each province).

The parliament will elect a speaker and the speaker will control the parliament.

Election of members of parliament

(1.) For the purpose of the election of members of Parliament, the Murrawarri republic shall be divided into five provinces as per the estate groups described through law and custom.

(2.) Each province will appoint the required numbers as per the family groups that can show direct ancestral connection to the province. There will also be seats made available within the parliament for citizens of the republic who are residing within the province who are non-ancestral citizens of the Murrawarri republic.

(3.) A person shall not be at the same time a member of Parliament for more than one Province or one ancestral family group.