The Murrawarri boundaries are described as commencing at the junction of the Warrego and Darling rivers at GPS coordinate 30 24’14.75”S 145 20’51.06”E

travels north northeast along the Darling river to the Junction of the Cato Creek GPS coordinate 29 52’48.39” S 146 46’21.61”E. 

It then travels north joining the Bokhara river where it continues north to the junction of the Bokhara river and Birrie river, it then continues northwest through GPS coordinate 28 18’18.63”S 146 32’12.81”E to GPS coordinate 28 15’31.34”S 146 18’28.48”E

then dips slightly to the southwest to GPS 28 18’53.21”S 146 11’57.83”E

then turns westerly direction to GPS coordinate 28 17’13.18”S 145 05’33.07”E

continues to GPS coordinate 28 09’29.00”S 145 52’11.85”E to the northwest.

Then follows the Warrego river in a southerly direction back to GPS coordinate 30 24’14.75”S 145 20 51.06”E which is the junction of the Warrego and Darling rivers.

The Murrawarri Republic has a total area of 81,796 Square Kilometres.