What type of Citizenship will the Murrawarri Republic have?

The republic will have two types of Citizenship. The Republic will also run a permanent resident process for people who wish to make the Murrawarri Republic their home and a work visa process for people who wish to work on a transient bases.

Ancestoral Citizenship:

Ancestoral Citizenship will be open to any person who can identify their ancestry back to a Murrawarri Apical Ancestor. They do not have to live within the boundaries of the Murrawarri republic but the need to affirm their ancestry. Ancestoral citizens are the only people who can be in the running to fill the position as President of the Republic and can represent their family group within the Murrawarri Government. Ancestoral citizens will be encouraged to reside within the Murrawarri Republic.

Ancestoral Citizens can maintain duel citizenship. 

Non Ancestoral Citizenship:

Non Ancestoral citizens will be peoples of non Murrawarri Ancestry who live within the Murrawarri Republic or is a child of a Non Ancestoral citizen at the time of Declaration.

Non Ancestoral citizens can also maintain duel citizenship.