How will it affect  Non Murrawarri Peoples currently living within the boarders of the Republic
(Non Ancestoral Citizens)

We see no change in peoples status or their position within the Republic.

There are rights outlined in the draft constitution that protect all citizens of the Murrawarri Republic.  The constitution will guarantee rights as an individual, right to run businesses, rights to live free from harm and the right to protect your property.

As a citizen you will:

  1.   Belong to an old and ancient country,
  2.   Be apart of the national government through an election process,
  3.   Have a say about what development can take place on land that is owned by you,
  4.   Security of land ownership and title,
  5.    Have the opportunity to be involved in the development of a New Nation,
  6.    Be able to continue you way of life as it is with a different Governance system that you will have a say in.