How will it affect the Murrawarri People?

( Ancestoral Citizens )

As Murrawarri Peoples you will:

  1.   Belong to our own Nation,
  2.    Have your Nationality back,
  3.    Have the right to self determination,
  4.    Have a right to revitalize and practice our Culture,
  5.    Have a right to have an economy that will support your family,
  6.    Have a right to say what happens in our country,
  7.   Have a say in the management of our country,
  8.   Have the choice to live back on country if you choose,
  9.   Have a right to protect our country in the way we see fit,
  10.   Have the peoples council and the Murrawarri Republic Government fight for compensated for dispossessing of our lands under illegal measures. By the British Crown and their Governments. 
  11.   Security of land ownership

These are just some of the benefits of having our own country, but the biggest benefit is that we can Protect our Heritage and Revitalise our Culture through Appropriate Education, Reintroduce our Language,  and be in a position to make decisions about what happens on our Ancient and Sacred Country.