How will the Country be run?

  1. The Peoples Council:

The peoples council will be responsible for the establishment of good Governance for the country which may include the following:

  1.   Establishing the process for a referendum on the constitution,
  2.    Negotiating with the relevant Government on behalf of the peoples,
  3.   Establishing an electoral role of citizens,
  4.  Establishing the Administration arm of the Government of the             nation,
  5.   Establishing relations with other countries,
  6.  Establish a reserve bank of the Murrawarri Republic,
  7.  Establish a Supreme  Court,

The Government:

Once the constitution is adopted by the people then:

  1.    The citizens will elect a president in line with the constitution.
  2.    The citizens will elect a parliament in line with the constitution.

Once elected the Government will then proceed to govern the country on behalf of the citizens for the period set out in the constitution