What happens if we get no response from the Queen within 28 days?

If we do not receive a response within 28 days the we will write to the United Nations requesting acceptance as the newest independent country in the world.

We will the start exercising our right under International Law and ask for the United National assistance in the reestablishment of the Murrawarri Nation as a Republic.

What Happens if the Queen responds?

It all depends what the response is, we may need to take further action such as:

  1.    Seek an opinion in the International Court of justice ,
  2.   Ask other countries of the Commonwealth to Support us in our fight,
  3.   Call for sanctions against Australia,
  4.   Form a Government in exile,
  5.   Assert our independence in other ways such as taking over of National Parks and all land that is owned by the Crown etc.​

What action is taken is depended entirely on the Queens' response !