What happens next?

There has been a peoples council formed who has made the declaration on behalf of the Murrawarri peoples.  The council has prepared the declaration and has written to the Queen of England informing her of our declaration of Independence and Statehood. She has 28 days to respond.

A draft constitution has been developed and the citizens through a referendum will accept or reject the constitution. In the interim the Peoples Council will be the governing body of the Republic until such time as a government is formed to run the country in line with the constitution.

This will happen within 1 years of our declaration. So by the 29th March 2014 we will need to have a referendum to accept the draft constitution and the we need to for a formal Government in line with the constitution.

In our letter to the Queen we are asking her to do a number of things through a Royal Decree or an Order in Council. We have asked her to instruct her Governments in Australia and England to:

  1.    Honour the law that was created by Queen Victoria in 1875,
  2.    Start negotiations for the transfer of all monies collected by the  Government for rent and other things, to the Murrawarri Republic.
  3.    Issue a public notice that all lands within the Murrawarri Republic will be under the control of the Murrawarri Government.
  4.   Issue notices to all land holders that all lands, Subsurface, Natural Resources ,Water and Airspace within the Murrawarri boundaries will be managed by the Murrawarri Government.
  5.   Assist in the process of repatriation of the Murrawarri peoples using the repatriation fund established for such purpose to assist in the development of the Murrawarri Republic.​